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The CSRD will oblige companies and their suppliers to report ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)
from 2024
Large public interest companies already covered by the NFRD and with >500 employees
from 2025
companies with >250 employees and/or €40 million turnover and/or €20 million in total assets
from 2026
SMEs and other listed companies with >10 employees
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We assist companies in preparing a sustainable development report in accordance with the CSRD Directive

Top class Non-Financial reporting in line with CSRD

Double Materiality Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of the impact and significance of various aspects of sustainable development for a company in the short, medium, and long term. This analysis considers both the perspectives of social, environmental, and governance impacts, as well as financial materiality, enabling accurate identification of key areas that require special attention in the company's strategy and reporting.

ESG Strategy

Development of a personalized sustainable development strategy. A document that assists organizations in implementing ESG practices, increasing operational efficiency, and adapting to contemporary sustainability standards.

ESG Gap Analysis

Identification, assessment, and understanding of the organization's ESG situation. Support in aligning practices with sustainable development standards, minimizing risks, and enhancing credibility in terms of social responsibility.

ESRS Indicators

Collection, analysis, and reporting of data in accordance with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS, ESZR). Determination of ESG impacts, opportunities, and risks.

Comprehensive Non-Financial Report

Delivering a professionally curated non-financial report, meticulously aligned with regulatory requisites and prevailing standards such as CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) or industry-specific benchmarks. Ensure the precision of data collection, insightful analysis of ESG metrics, and presentation in a format that impeccably adheres to prevailing standards, enabling organizations to transparently and normatively communicate their sustainable initiatives.

Support for experts in ESG departments

The platform streamlines the work of sustainability experts, allows them to see more through advanced data analysis and work more efficiently. With the platform, the ESG department can effectively manage environmental data, automate processes related to reporting and monitoring of environmental impacts, and achieve its goals.

Rescue for companies under regulatory pressure

In the face of increasing regulatory and societal pressure for sustainability, many companies need to align their operations with increasingly stringent norms and standards. This often requires a great deal of resources and time, posing a significant challenge for many companies. Envirly's solution is the answer to these needs.

Relief for modern entrepreneurs

In addition to companies covered by regulatory requirements, more and more companies are choosing to publish ESG reports to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and increase investor and customer confidence. With Envirly's tool, you can do this without specialist knowledge.

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Kalkulator śladu węglowego eqCO2

Product carbon footprint

Optimise the carbon footprint of products using the LCA method

Product carbon footprint
Kalkulator śladu węglowego - redukcja emisji GHG

Carbon footprint of the organisation

Control the organisation's CO2 emissions in all 3 scopes

CO2 of the organisation

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o otoczeniu prawnym, zmniejszaniu emisji, #NetZero
Dlaczego warto monitorować ślad węglowy?
Dlaczego warto monitorować ślad węglowy?
Dlaczego warto monitorować ślad węglowy?