Take control over your company's sustainability

Sustainability and ESG reporting

Managing the organisation's carbon footprint in Scopes 1, 2 and 3

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment, LCA

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Raportowanie zrównoważonego rozwoju i ESG

Zarządzanie śladem węglowym organizacji
we wszystkich Zakresach 1, 2 i 3

Kalkulacja środowiskowego cyklu życia produktu, LCA

Join companies that have taken a step towards sustainability with Envirly

“Envirly konsekwentnie udowadnia swoją wiedzę w zakresie zrównoważonego rozwoju poprzez dostarczanie innowacyjnych rozwiązań w zakresie zarządzania emisjami.”

Adam Kowalski, CEO Unicell

“Envirly konsekwentnie udowadnia swoją wiedzę w zakresie zrównoważonego rozwoju poprzez dostarczanie innowacyjnych rozwiązań w zakresie zarządzania emisjami.”

Adam Kowalski, CEO Unicell

“Envirly konsekwentnie udowadnia swoją wiedzę w zakresie zrównoważonego rozwoju poprzez dostarczanie innowacyjnych rozwiązań w zakresie zarządzania emisjami.”

Adam Kowalski, CEO Unicell

Sustainability is a competitive advantage

Want to know how to get financial and economic benefits for the business?
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Sustainability in one tool
  • Central point for environmental, social and policy data of organisations
  • Comprehensive support, from environmental and labour policies through carbon footprint calculations to decarbonisation and ESG strategies
An investment return action plan
  • Tailored to the needs of your organisation
  • Expert consultations
  • Ability to calculate the environmental and social impact of the organisation yourself step by step, without the need for specialist know-how
Regulatory compliance

Methodology in line with EU guidelines:

  • CSRD Directive and ESRS Guidelines
  • GHG Protocol (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • ISO 14064
  • ISO 14067

Sustainability Reporting

ESG reporting doesn't have to take months. Use technology to streamline processes and analyse data.

Analyse and reduce environmental impact with intelligent reduction tips

Verify the company's social norms and create a friendly working environment

Receive an assessment of the governance structure, internal control systems, ethical policies, quality of reporting, or relations with shareholders and investors

Generate a full ESG report of your business, show your commitment to sustainability and increase investor and customer confidence

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Kalkulator śladu węglowego - analityka
Kalkulator śladu węglowego - formularz

Organisation's Carbon Footprint

Managing your carbon footprint without specialist knowledge? Now it's easy!

Enter or upload the necessary data and check your score

Manage your organisation's carbon footprint in Scopes 1, 2, 3 in an ISO-14064-1 and GHG Protocol certified tool

Save time by simplifying data collection and processing

Measure your environmental impact with ease, thanks to the ability to enter data using different methods, depending on the data your company has

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Product Carbon Footprint

Discover the full carbon footprint of your products from production to disposal using life cycle analysis (LCA) and stay competitive in the marketplace

Minimise the time and effort required for analysis

Sensitivity analysis: see which factors have the greatest impact on your product's carbon footprint and how you can reduce it

Comparing the carbon footprint of products: choose the best solution for your business and the environment

Greenhouse gas reduction planning: develop a strategy to reduce the environmental impact of your products

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Kalkulator śladu węglowego - plan redukcji

Decarbonisation and Reduction Plans

Effective and proven reduction strategies delivering returns on investment
Kalkulator śladu węglowego - redukcja emsji GHG
On the road to #NetZero

Industry and specialist recommendations generated from identified 'heat points' and industry guidelines

Modelling and verification of CO2 reduction plans and forecasting the effects of their implementation

Defining reduction targets and monitoring their achievement over time

Support to join the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative

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Kalkulator śladu węglowego - redukcja emsji GHGKalkulator śladu węglowego - redukcja emsji GHG

Why should we act?

Market requirements reward companies that have implemented a sustainability strategy



from this year, large companies will have to report non-financial data, including their carbon footprint, and in subsequent years smaller businesses as well

with customers


customers expect companies to act with a focus on the environment and sustainability



transparency in relation to carbon footprint reporting can ensure that contracts with large companies are maintained



billions of euros from the EU budget for 2021-2027 earmarked for the fight against climate change
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Who is the Envirly platform for?

The Envirly solution is designed for any company that wants to grow in an environmentally and economically optimised way

The platform allows to manage the whole structure of subsidiaries, integrate with databases and personalise the tool according to industries

Small and medium-sized Companies

Envirly is a simple and effective way to introduce sustainability. The platform saves time, is low cost, and dedicated sustainability inspiration helps you go green

Companies in the supply chain

Business partners increasingly expect ESG reporting from their suppliers, i.e. information on the company's activities from a social, environmental and governance perspective

International Companies

The platform allows the collection and analysis of data from different countries and regions and the creation of reports. The administrator panel allows the control of subsidiaries, also abroad


In western Europe, companies are increasingly requiring environmental reports from their suppliers, so an environmental impact estimate may be essential for exporters who want to meet the requirements of their partners

Innovative Companies

The platform is designed for companies that want to approach their business from a sustainable development perspective and aim to reduce their environmental impact

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Automation of non-financial processes

Sustainable development on autopilot
Free consultation

Frequently asked questions

Can I try out the platform before purchase?

Of course! You are welcome to try out the Envirly platform before making a purchase. Access to the demo platform is completely free and allows you to familiarise yourself with its functionalities and capabilities. To access the demo, simply contact our customer support team via the contact form on our website or directly by email. We will provide you with a link to the demo so you can test the platform and see how it can help your organisation manage its carbon footprint and ESG processes.

Do I need specialist knowledge to use the platform?

Our clients can use the Envirly platform without the need for specialist knowledge in environmental protection, corporate social responsibility or financial markets management. The guidance and analysis available on the platform has been prepared in a way that everyone can understand, allowing them to make sustainable business decisions quickly and effectively.If you have any questions or concerns, our specialists are ready to help and support you in using the platform. In this way, the platform can be used by anyone who wants to act responsibly and take care of the planet.

Can I transfer my current data to the app?

Yes. The platform is designed to allow easy and fast data transfer from other systems, so users do not have to enter all the information from scratch.If you already have data related to CO2 emissions, water, waste or other environmental or social aspects, you can upload it to our platform and use it to monitor and optimise your ESG-related processes. Our platform allows you to import data from various sources, such as XLSX files or APIs.If you need help transferring data to our platform, our specialists are ready to help and support you in this regard. Simply contact us via the contact form on our website or directly by email.

More information

About the legal environment, reducing emissions, #NetZero
Dlaczego warto monitorować ślad węglowy?
Dlaczego warto monitorować ślad węglowy?
Dlaczego warto monitorować ślad węglowy?
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Managing business sustainability can be simple

You can comprehensively manage your organisation's environmental and social impacts in one platform

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